Walking is a great form of exercise for all ages and abilities.  It is low impact, simple to do and requires only a confortable pair of shoes.  Shawano Pathways will work with the City of Shawano Parks staff to develop a series of walking/biking loops that take the participant from park to park along existing trails and low-volume streets.  These loops are proposed below.

Park Loop Map 1 (
This Loop is under construction from the Shawano Lake Sanitary District to Rose Brook Road
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Loop 1 provides a four mile recreational walking/biking loop that takes the walker/biker through six public parks and open spaces and crosses the Wolf River twice.  Beginning at Sturgeon Park, the loop travels west on the Mountain Bay Trail until it reaches the intersection of County Highway M and Rose Brook Road.  The loop then goes south on Rose Brook Road to the area located just north of State Highway 29.  A new trail segment will take the route through this area to the north end of River Bend Road.  The loop then travels south on River Bend Road to River Bend Circle which goes through the boat launch/open space just west of Main Street on the Wolf River.  Using the western sidewalk on Main Street, the loop takes the walker past the Chamber of Commerce to Sunset Avenue and the trail in Kuckuck Park.  The Kuckuck trail takes the walker to the corner of Oak Park Drive and S River Street.   The loop continues north on S River Street to W Westcott Ave.  Turning west on W Wescott, the walker will pass the community gardens and Lieg Avenue Boat Launch as they travel north on S Water Street to Sturgeon Park and close the loop.

Park Loop Map 2
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Loop 2 begins at the southeast corner of Memorial Athletic Park.  It is a 2.4 mile loop that visits three parks, the Wolf River and a boat launch.  Beginning at the corner of Lieg Avenue and S Lincoln Street, the loop heads north to the Mountain Bay Trail.  Then heading west on the Mountain Bay Trail brings the loop to Sturgeon Park and the Wolf River.  Heading south on Water Street to W Wescott Ave, the loop then heads south on S River Street to the Kuckuck Park trail.  Taking the trail through the park brings the loop back to Sunset Avenue.  The loop then travels south on S Main Street to County Highway B (east) and on to Union Street.   After heading west along Zingler Avenue, the route heads north along S Andrews Street, completing the loop back to Memorial Athletic Park.

Park Loop Map 3
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Loop 3 begins at Eberlein Park, takes the walker/biker through or near 3 City Parks, the County Fairgrounds and along the Mountain Bay Trail.  Beginning at the parking lot in Eberlein Park, the loop travels west on the north end of the soccer fields to Sunset Boulevard through the Woodlawn Cemetery.  Continuing on Arlington Court and then making a jog to the west on N Humphrey Circle, the route then directs walkers through Hotz Park to S Humphrey Circle.  After heading southwest on Healy Court and south on Fairview Avenue, the route continues west on E 5th street to N Main Street, looping back around to N Sawyer Street along the river.  Walers/Bikers are directed north along riverfront paths to Heitage County Park and west to the Wolf River before being routed south on Bartlett Street.  The route zig-zags along the river until reaching the Mountain Bay Trail.  Walkers/Bikers head east along the trail until they reach Eberlein Park Street and Eberlein Park itself.

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