Shawano Pathways' 1st Quilt Goes Up

Bike the Barn Quilts

Shawano County's 203rd barn quilt has been sponsored by Shawano Pathways, the area's local bike/pedestrian group.  It is the first of three barn quilts the group will be sponsoring as part of its Bike The Barn Quilts initiative happening September 28, 2013.  Appropriately, the quilt pattern has been named Bike the Barn Quilts.  Shawano Pathways received a Mielke Grant which included the sponsorship of three biking themed barn quilts for the Bike The Barn Quilts rally.


This quilt has been put on display at the Randy and Kim Gracyalny farm, W334 State Highway 29, Pulaski.  It is easily visible on the Gracyalny farm about 20 miles east of Shawano.

Bicycling Groups' 2nd Quilt Goes Up

Bicycling is Life

Shawano area's bicycling/pedestrian group, Shawano Pathways, has sponsored its 2nd and the County's 207th barn quilt as part of the countywide barn quilt project started about three years ago.


The quilt, called Bicycling is Life, is displayed on a barn at a farm owned by Ken Lynch, N353 State Highway 47, about eight miles south of Bonduel.  The pattern was designed by Nick Bleser who has a degree in graphic arts from NE Wisconsin Technical College and who has been working with the biking group on other projects, including the Bike the Barn Quilts rally slated for September 28.

Group Shows It's Hooked on Biking

Hooked on Biking

The 3rd quilt sponsored by the Shawano Pathways and the County's 213th quilt went up at the Myrtle Behnke farm at W9321 State Highway 29, a few miles west of Shawano.  


The quilt, called Hooked on Biking, was created to promote the Bike the Barn Quilt Ride on September 28, 2013 and ultimately to promote physical activity and a healthier life style in Shawano County.

4th Quilt Goes Up

Ride With Pride

The 4th quilt sponsored by Shawano Pathways went up on the South Forty Building August 19, 2014. The quilt pattern was designed by Brandon Reed in Jenny Ballwahn's third-grade class last year in conjunction with the first Bike the Barn Quilts event in September of 2013.  The pattern includes an ear of corn in the center surrounded by red, white and blue stripes.

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