Your Legacy is Important

Use the Present to Invest in Our Future


Generally, legacy gifts are the transfers of assets that occur at death or when a trust terminates.  Legacy gifts are considered the ultimate expression of donor support.


While the reason you may wish to donate may be different from others, common reasons are:

  • In memory of a loved one
  • In celebration of a loved one
  • For an estate tax deduction (talk to your estate tax planner)
  • To have an impact on Shawano Pathways so as to continue to accomplish more great things for the people of Shawano County


Most people leave substantially all of their property through wills and living trusts.  Both wills and trusts are simple to create with the assistance of an estate tax planner.


Simply provide the following information to your estate planner to make your legacy gift:

  1. Our Name: Shawano Pathways
  2. Location: P.O. Box 95, Shawano, WI 54166-0095
  3. Description of Your Gift (for example, cash or property)


An even simpler way to make a legacy donation would be to designate Shawano Pathways as the beneficiary to your property, such as a bank account, life insurance policy, or retirement plan.  Your bank or other company should be able to provide you with a form to use to designate Shawano Pathways as the beneficiary.


Many donors specify particular purposes toward which the gift must be used.  We will be legally required to follow these restrictions


You are free to put restrictions on what we may do with your gift.  This is up to you.  Please be sure to instruct your estate planner with any restrictions you’d want on your gift.


While not required, if you want to place a restriction on your gift we request that you contact us to discuss the restrictions.  This will give us a chance to fully understand your intent and definitions of the restrictions.


We could use your donations to help with our many projects, including:

  • Adding additional Park-to-Park loops
  • Creating a comprehensive biking, hiking, and paddling trail map for Shawano County
  • Building a trail around Shawano Lake
  • Completing the missing segment of the Mountain Bay trail
  • Improving the safety of trail crossings
  • Improving trail beautification


Feel fee to contact us with any questions you have.

Mail: Shawano Pathways, P.O. Box 95, Shawano, WI 54166-0095


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