All Users of Trails

  • Show courtesy to other trail users at all times.
  • Use the right side of the trail except when other-wise designated.
  • Always pass on the left.
  • Respect the rights of property owners.
  • Keep dogs on leash(maximum length 8 feet) and remove pet feces from trail.


  • Yield to Pedestrians.
  • Give audible warning when passing pedestrians or other bicyclists.
  • Ride at a safe speed.
  • Slow down and form a single file in congested conditions, reduced visibility, and other hazardous conditions.
  • Always bike with traffic on the right side of the road.


  • Stay to the right side of the trail except when otherwise designated.
  • Watch for other trail users.
  • Be especially alert when running.
  • Listen for audible signals and allow faster trail users (runners and bicyclists) to pass safely.
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